My New Punk Rock Life!

by Rexx

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Thank you to the people that dance at the shows.
Thank you to the people that stand in the back.

Thank you to everyone who has supported.
Equal thanks to those who didn't.


released March 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Rexx Orange, California

I just want to make music and dance around.

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Track Name: Indrustry
Your smell is here still, I've got you inside,
But I can't trust you, I heard you lied.

The industry's back.

I'm your friend still, You sat on my bed.
You wear my pin still, You're in my head.
When I sleep, you never leave.
When i sleep, you never leave.

I have a name, you refuse to say.
I have a name, you forgot today.
You know you're mine.
Track Name: Stutter
Now I fall
Over my words again.
I would swallow my thoughts,
But I'm already dead.

My jealous mind
Has been running wild.
And when you lead me on,
You're acting like a child.

Things are not quite the same,
But I never liked it that way,
Now you're just a face,
Jumping around in the crowd.
Sometimes I'm feeling down.
You wouldn't have it any other way.

Now that you're gone,
I can't say I'm feeling free.
Cause I found a photograph.
Of you and of me.
I saw you at a show.
You were dancing.
I saw you at a show.
You smiled at me.
Track Name: Hey! Let's Jump This Kid!
13 on and one day off,
I'm gonna go out with my friends.
Cause they're leaving for 11 days,
they're going to Austin.
And I love this town, I love this town.

It's 1 am and I'm driving around,
Going down to the plaza square.
I can't afford to have responsibilities.
I'm 18 and just wanna breathe the air.
I'm wandering now. I'm wandering now.
But I love this town. I love this town.

And I wanna get the vada vada
Crew down here.
There's a group of punk rock beach jocks
Making fun of my hair.
And I'm ready to get my ass kicked,
Cause I blew them a kiss.
So I started to run,
Cause I thought a chase would be fun.

So shut up you stupid Beach Goth,
Shut up you stupid Beach Goth.
Track Name: Lovely
I lost my temper again.
Over some silly thing again.
I'm feeling sick again.
When I go out on a limb again.

But I can't help myself
Cause you're such a pretty thing.

I lost my way again.
I don't know where I am this time.
It's finally sinking in,
That you'll never be mine.

But I can't help myself
Cause you're such a lovely girl.
Track Name: So Sick of This Place
Don't speak, tonight you're mine.

Don't mind my friends, they're just looking for a fight.
They will never understand why you're in my sight.
Let's not talk about your asshole boyfriend.
I am so certain he'll hurt you in the end.

You know what's been on my mind.
But you've been facing the wall.
So tell me, can we rewind?
and just restart it all?

So step back, step back again. Let's hold for a while.
Walk, walk, walk towards me again, I love your tilted smile.
Let's not talk about God right now, I don't care what's right.
Cause I want you now, I love you tonight.

Let's not talk at all, let's just be.
Sit quietly downtown with coffee.
Why do you keep it a secret? It's such a shame.
Cause I know you really feel the same.
So feel free to talk about your asshole boyfriend.
Cause I know you'll wish you chose me in the end.

So let's restart it all, so I'm not your rag doll.
Track Name: There Goes My Dignity Again!
You still got me excited to see you.
Even though sometimes I lie, sometimes I lie.
Like that night, I walked you to your door
"Just to be kind"

Can you decide?

Now you've got me thinking things over again.
Is this how I wanna spend my time? You spend my time.
Cause I know when we go out,
you read my mind.

You just walked through the door,
I don't think I'm angry anymore.

Now you've got me going out on a limb again.
Is this how you treat your friends? Or are we more than friends?
Cause you sing my songs, and you ask me about them.
But you know they're all about you.

You just walked through the door,
I don't think I'm angry anymore.
Can you decide?
you can't say I haven't tried.
Track Name: Time to Waste on You
I've got money in my pocket to spend on you.
I have all of this time to waste with you.

Oh, my mind's all over the place.
Why do I do this to myself.

All of my thoughts are about you.
But I can't speak, I'm afraid of you.
I haven't told you this, but I don't want you to move away.
Oh, and for 3 years, I haven't said what I wanna say.
I'll just tell you another day.

We're not that great of friends, but I pretend we are.
Life is such a drag with how far you are.
I've got money in my pocket to spend on you.
I've got all this time to waste with you.
Track Name: Fun Life
I'm gonna make today a good day
Even to spend money on a laugh.
But I can tell you're not interested in a fun life.

You can lay on my bed all day
And we can watch the record spin.
And I can tell you want a fun life.

Cause I love you

I'm gonna make today the best day,
And I wanna hold you in my arms.
And take part in your fun life.
Track Name: That's Not Love
It's not fair. The way you treated me.
You're just a girl, whose been teasing me.

It's not right. The way you torture me.
That's not love, that you're showing me.

But I'm diggin you when you're singing.
It's so lovely, the way you're dancing.
I could watch you all night.
I could watch you all night.
Track Name: Don't You Dare, Don't Do That Dear.
Idler, choose what to be.
Idler, take it all from me.
Idler, You showed me your face,
The one you hide from nobody but me.
I'm just waiting for my kiss tonight.
But it never came, I'm not the guy.

Don't you dare threaten me.
Why are you dangling me on your Love Lock String?

Modern Girl, I don't wanna be
the one to see you hurting.
It's just a matter of time.
It's just a matter of time.
I caught you smiling when I told you,
What was bothering me, it's always you.

Oh, You're just a silly girl.

Don't you dare threaten me.
Why are you dangling me on your Love Lock String?
Don't do that, Dear.
Why are you leaving?