Death, and Other Ways to be Artsy

by Rexx

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Small Talk 03:32
Find more creative ways to kill me, Than just breaking my heart. You called me six months later, And it really shows who you are. Is it all my fault? (don't tell yourself that) Stop making small talk, 'Cause we both know why we're here. How were we once so close, But now I can't call you dear. Is it all my fault? (don't tell yourself that)
Blonde sugar head, I'll make you mine, Best friends are dead, I'm giving you signs. Come dance with me on the kitchen floor, Breathe heavily, Lock all the doors. I want you to love me now, even when I freak out. It's the little things I enjoy, When you say that I'm your boy. Just know that you're the one, you are the only one. Find a spell that I can cast, I've gotta make this last. Stuck on my words under flood lights, You make me sing, Saying goodbye. Shattering glass, fiddling keys. Apartment doors, You stare at me. I want you to love me now, even when I freak out. It's the little things I enjoy, When you say that I'm your boy. Just know that you're the one, you are the only one. Find a spell that I can cast, I've gotta make this last. It's cold in the car, but you're kissing me. The sun's about to rise, and I can't believe The stupid things I say that make you smile. Warm in your arms, we're gonna be here a while.
Guts 02:53
I've got a few friends, They're assholes, but I like them. I've got a girl and I love her guts. I've got some cool clothes and a crew cut. And I still can't sleep at night. I quit my job to be in a band, But shit, I kind of needed that job. They all say I should be on pills. I just need to work on my people skills. And I still can't sleep at night.
Daisies and Skulls, I'm obsessed with your hair. I can't say I believe in love. But there's something in the air. When you lean in to touch my lips, I don't wanna be anywhere but here. You make me crawl inside. It's all the beautiful things you do. There's something I said That made you wanna get a tattoo That says: "You're the only one that makes me feel alive, So I wanna die with you" Fighting for air, Cause I always have this dream: I don't know which way is up Cause I swim so deep. Till I realize I can breathe, And that's how you make me feel.
Don't use your silly names When you flirt with me I'm not in it for the games, Or your sympathy. I know that we're young. I want this to last. You just wanna have some fun, But let's make this last. I bled myself dry 2 weeks gone. I'm just a ragdoll Breathe life into my lungs. I'm digging the turtleneck You're wearing. Cause it's cold outside, So come close to me. I'm sick of The Circle, We've gone there too many times, Let's stay in your room, Make out all night.
Good Vibes 02:34
Summer is here now, You and me are on high tide. It's the warm kiss and cool bliss That's giving me good vibes. I'm glad that you're not Playing hard to get anymore. I don't have time for that. If you want me just come outside your door. Cause we're driving down the 55. The sun sets, our mood turns. You look at me and smile, The cool breeze on our sunburns. We don't need to take sides, When you give me good vibes.
Bleached 02:25
I'm sick of today, 'Cause every morning is the same When I'm waking up after noon, Wait around, Just to see you. I'm gonna bleach my hair, And I'm gonna paint my eyes Every lie has a truth, I hate myself when I love you. Driving to the show, We're playing with Wide Streets tonight. Catch my breath, I won't cry. But when I sing, there's tears in my eyes. Driving home, Some stupid song on the radio. If this shitty town burned to the ground, I probably could still sleep sound.
夢 [Yume] 02:21
Too dark to see the tears in my eyes now, But I was shaking so you figured it out. You held me while I was breaking down. So I'm sorry for taking all my time. It's just a weird thought, you and I. So I guess I can't blame you if you find another guy. This can't be a sad song. This can't be a love song. Alas, it's just me moving on.
You raised yourself up, While I'm lying here black and blue. My love is fading, I've got three ways to tell you. You threw away the post-it So I bothered not with the other two. That record I put on The other night in your room Reminds me of the good times, I always have with you. So swoon, baby swoon, These things always end too soon. And I know I get sad over silly things, But alas, It's my vampire wings. It's nearly midnight, You're finally coming down the stairs. You look so good now, I just stand here and stare. Oh God I've gotta leave Cause you love torturing me. And life is getting weird, Cause I barely sleep anymore. Oh I wanna kiss you When I drop you off at your door. What is it now? I've gotta make you mine somehow.
Caffeine 03:11
There's too much caffeine in my veins I woke up late, I don't know what to do With my day. I feel like shit Whenever I wake up after noon. Throw it away. I put on a dirty t shirt, I step outside into the sun It burns my eyes. I feel like shit. I should just go back to sleep and be done. Throw it away. I'm just making plans, until I cancel them, Judgment in your eyes, because we live different lives, Don't look at me like I'm some basket case, If you're gonna say it, say it to my face.
Stressed, because I know it's not right, That everything I've loved has lost it's fun. Chest, I need to get it off my chest, I can't live up to these expectations. Wake up and yell, Don't go. Six blocks, in the middle of the night, And I guess it was somewhat of a panic attack. I drowned in your words and your arms, But all of this hate is bending my back. I know its what I said I want, But no. Obsessed, and trying to keep sane, Because I've been working on this song for way too long. And I know I'm blessed, but it doesn't feel that way When all of your friends are up and gone.


released April 18, 2014

Death and Other Ways to be Artsy was recorded and mixed by Tabor Allen at Dankpad in early April, 2014.

All songs written by Rex Osterkamp.
Rag Doll written by Rex Osterkamp and Jonny Payne.

Most tracks were performed by:
Rex Osterkamp- Vocals and Guitar
Trevin Welty- Lead Guitar
James DeGraw- Bass
Grant Teel- Drums

Art by Snsemstlcp


all rights reserved



Rexx California

I just want to make music and dance around.

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